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Data conversion and customizing

This is a service to convert your data , obtained by many ways , in the format of our database . The result can be either separate database file , or inserted into the existing current database files .

Key Benefits
compatible with the current data
use the same tools for view and search
The best way to describe this service is by examples .

Your Request1 - We have number of basepair sequences and want to look at different portions of them , search for patterns , compare with existing genome data .

Our Solution1 - We will convert the basepair sequences in the same database format , so that you can use the same View+Search program to access the converted sequence .


Your Request2 - In our research we have found one or more special sequences , in one or more particular chromosomes , and we want to be able to use this sequences together with all of the current data available for this chromosome .

Our Solution2 - We will convert your sequences , and insert it in the appropriate places , making a custom version of our database for you .




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