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Gene-Biotech Standard

The product consists of 2 parts:
genome databases
View+Search program


We have included the following genome databases:
Homo Sapiens - human
Mus Musculus - mouse
Drosophila - fruit fly
High throughput genomic sequences - mixed database

The genomic databases are based on the publicly available genomic sequences . The databases can be customized , or added with your research data . For more information go to - Data conversion and customizing .

Each database is a collection of files - for example the Homo Sapiens database is a collection of all the chromosome files . Each chromosome file consist of a text , and basepair sequences . In one chromosome file , there are number of text/basepair parts - indexes .


Our View+Search program allows to:
load of different parts of the database
view of every portion of the loaded part of the data base
search for a pattern sequence - through the loaded file , or through the whole database
print out the results

To illustrate the View+Search program we will make examples:

Example1 - view a portion of a chromosome X - Homo Sapiens
  1. load the datafile - chromosome X
  2. select index - index3
  3. define text or basepair view - basepair , range of basepairs - from-245/to-314
  4. view of the basepairs  - push View button

Example2 - search for a pattern of basepairs , into the whole Homo Sapiens genome

  1. select the option of search through - the whole Homo Sapiens genome
  2. select how do you provide the pattern , from file or type manually - type manually
  3. select the percentage of search match , identical (100%) or partial - 100%
  4. start search - push Search button
  5. type the basepair pattern in the coming window
  6. review and print the results

Functionality of the View+Search program can be expanded by customizing the existing features , or adding new features in our View+Search program . For more information go to - Adding special features .

We are offering demo version of the Gene-Biotech Standard , with limited genome sequences and limited functionality of the View+Search program . To obtain this demo version contact us at - .



Gene-Biotech Standard - genomic databases and View+Search program
contains - 2 CDs
platform - Microsoft Windows 95 , 98 , NT , 2000


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